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SEPTEMBER 24, 2023

With approximately 60% of youth leaving the church once they become adults, it’s vital for everyone – clergy, lay leaders, parents, and other caring adults – to work together in helping our young people find joy in Christ and become full participants in the life of the Church. 

Orthodox Youth & Young Adult Ministries (OYM) seeks not merely to help young people stay in the Church, but to be excited about living for Christ!  We know that youth and young adults can and will love being in the Orthodox church if they are inspired to encounter Christ (get to know Him personally), embody the Church (become engaged in the life of the Church), and engage the world (serve others) in His name. 


The Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops has designated the 4th Sunday of September as the annual Youth & Young Adult Ministry Awareness Sunday. In this inaugural year of this commemoration, the day falls on Sunday, September 24, 2023.

Click below to download the Youth & Young Adult Awareness Sunday Encyclical from His Grace, Bishop Thomas.


Can you help us promote this day of awareness for the future of our youth and young adults?  We would be grateful if you could help:

Share the following Youth & Young Adult Ministry Awareness materials with your parish:

  • OYM Sunday Introductory Letter  PDF

  • Suggested OYM Sunday blurbs for bulletins or email announcements  WORD DOC

  • OYM insert to enclose with church Sunday bulletins


  • OYM 1-page flyer  PDF | PNG 


  • OYM Social Media Posts  1 | 2 | 3 | 4

  • Speak to your parish about the spiritual needs of youth and young adults


  • Ask your priest about taking up a collection in support of OYM


We invite you to print copies of these materials for distribution to your parish on Sept. 24th. If you would like us to send hard copies of these items or would like help in speaking to your parish, please contact us at:

Just as the 40 Martyrs of Sebaste sacrificed their lives for Christ by staying together in the freezing lake, OYM helps inspire young people to stay rooted together in Him.  
“Stay in the lake!”

OYM Patron Saints
40 Martyrs of Sebaste

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