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CHICAGO – At its inaugural meeting on December 3, the Board of Directors of the newly established Youth & Young Adult Ministry Agency adopted “why” and mission statements. Established by the Assembly of Bishops as the capstone achievement of the “Year of the Youth,” the new Agency will cast a vision to unite and deepen the ministry efforts of parishes and families across the Church.

After a prayerful and energetic discussion, the Agency’s Board adopted the following “why” statement to shape and guide the Agency’s work:

The Agency will equip young people to encounter Christ, embody His Church, and engage the World in His Name.

Based on this “why” statement, the Board elaborated on the work of the Agency with the following mission statement:

The Agency will equip and support clergy, parents, and ministry workers to meet the 5 needs of our young people:

  • To know Jesus Christ

  • To know one’s self in relation to Christ

  • To belong to the full community of the Church

  • To be empowered with a faith that makes a difference

  • To be equipped with the teachings of the Church

The Agency will do this by:

  1. Providing resources, training, and events

  2. Offering support to parishes and jurisdictions

  3. Evaluating the effectiveness of this work on an ongoing basis

“My prayer and hope for the newly established Youth and Young Adult Agency is that it becomes a hospital for our sins, especially those of our youth,” said Bishop Thomas, Episcopal Liaison of the Assembly of Bishops to the new Agency. “Those who have been charged with the responsibility of leading us in ministering to our youth, God willing, will be the people who diagnose our sins and remind us of the medicine that the Church offers us so that all of us will go and sin no more as we flee to the heavenly kingdom. May God grant all of our youth workers many years of fruitful service in our Lord’s vineyard.”

Further details, including the roster of Directors and initial staff, will follow in the weeks ahead.


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